Conduct thorough due diligence on prospective merchants at boarding. Uncover past violations of card network compliance programs, and historical risky merchant behavior to predict future merchant risk.


Comply with industry regulations related to merchant website content compliance monitoring, PCI DSS compliance, and third-party service provider identification and registration with G2.


Stay one step ahead of fraudsters with G2 Fraud Protection Solutions. Detect merchant aggregation and affiliate fraud, and protect against brand damage, fraud, chargebacks and assessments.

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  • What Banks Can Do As Fraud Shifts From Retail to Online

    By: Dan Frechtling, SVP Marketing and Product Management – March 23, 2015 – The US is the last G-20 country to shift to the EMV standard for credit cards. In this context, the Retail Payments Risk Forum blog of Federal Reserve of Atlanta published a piece last Monday  by David Lott called, “Squeezing the Fraud Balloon.” […]

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  • Best Practices for Managing Your Merchant and TPPP Portfolio

    By: Jodie Ruby, Director of Marketing – Updated March 19, 2015 – Operation Choke Point has produced a spike in activity, with last week yielding two major settlements totaling over $6 million after a year of relative calm. As a result, G2 is reprising our 10 Steps guide for avoiding the unlawful activity that got […]

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  • Advances in Data and FI’s

    By: Matt Lyman, Senior Marketing Manager – March 17, 2015 – In February, The Green Sheet published “Advances in Data, Automation Speed FI Merchant Boarding” by Matt Ward-Steinman, G2’s VP of Solutions Development. In this article, Matt discusses the recent renaissance with underwriting and boarding merchants, and how the ability to make quick decisions and […]

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