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What the Recent Spike in Consent Orders Means for Your ACH Business

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By: Casey Melnrick, Marketing Coordinator


Today’s regulatory environment is uncertain and difficult to navigate. The risk factors for ACH/Check Processing are unique compared to those for credit card processing. As such, it is important to understand those differences and how to best manage your portfolio risk with thorough due diligence and ongoing monitoring. Additionally, banks are facing acute regulatory scrutiny which has a trickle-down effect to
your business.


From this recording, you will:

  • Hear about the current regulatory landscape and implications for ACH processors
  • Learn best practices from industry experts that can help you manage the regulatory environment
  • Discover solutions leveraging business customer intelligence that can improve your transparency to your financial institution


In the webinar, our very own Steve Clendaniel, director of risk consulting, and Marsha Jones, president of the Third Party Payment Processors Association, discuss these topics and provide guidance on how ACH processors can improve due diligence and ongoing business customer monitoring.


Click here to view the recording.


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