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With Your Help, No Child Sleeps Outside

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By: Georisa Chang, Marketing Coordinator







We are doing something to change that. G2 Web Services is working with Seattle-based charity Mary’s Place to ensure that families have a warm, safe place to stay this winter. The No Child Sleeps Outside program is designed to help families move out of encampments, doorways and cars and into emergency shelters. The 2015 holiday fundraising campaign runs from December 1 — December 30.


  • For every $10,000 raised, 25 families receive down payments to move into housing
  • $120,000 will provide over 10,000 nights of shelter for families currently sleeping outside
  • $200,000 will fund the opening of a Family Solutions Center offering complete resources 24/7 to move families into stable living environments
  • $500,000 will pay for a crisis-response night shelter to operate for one year, and provide 18,000 additional bed nights for the year


Here are some ways that you can show your support and help reach these milestones:



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Mary’s Place is a leading voice for homeless women, children, and families in emergency situations. We empower women to reclaim their lives by offering community, acceptance, hope and dignity. Our work keeps struggling families together and provides practical tools and resources that help women find housing and employment. We inspire the community to support homeless women and families through advocacy, partnerships, volunteerism and philanthropy.

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