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G2 Web Services Selected as a Top 10 Most Promising Payment and Card Solution Provider

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Annual list from Banking CIO Outlook showcases firms innovating payments technology


BELLEVUE, WA — December 15, 2015 — G2 Web Services has been chosen by Banking CIO Outlook ( as one of its 10 Most Promising Payment and Card Solution Providers for 2015. The decision is based on the evaluation of G2’s solutions that address the most important areas of global payments risk mitigation, including due diligence, compliance, transaction laundering and fraud mitigation.


“G2 is honored to be recognized this year by Banking CIO Outlook’s panel of experts and thought leaders,” said Allison Guidette, CEO, G2 Web Services. “Our engineering and data science teams work hard to architect solutions that stay ahead of fast-moving fraudsters and we are proud to be acknowledged for our contributions to protecting our clients and advancing payments technology.”


In 2015, G2 launched the industry’s most comprehensive transaction laundering solution, which helps banking clients identify approved merchants who are processing credit card transactions for unknown and often illicit businesses. Built utilizing over a decade of merchant monitoring data, analysis and expertise, G2 Transaction Laundering Detection is the only multifaceted approach to identify a pernicious fraud problem.


Also this year, G2 introduced innovative KYC solutions that help commercial banks, third-party payment processors and third-party senders make more informed onboarding decisions and effectively monitor their portfolios for risk. Based on G2’s Merchant Map®, the industry’s most extensive fraud and compliance database, G2’s KYC solutions go beyond identity verification and transaction monitoring to help customers take a risk-based approach to managing their business customer portfolios.


Banking CIO Outlook’s panel of experts and members of its editorial board select this annual list of companies to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship.


G2 Web Services has been on our radar for their deep expertise, knowledge and development of new payment risk management technologies. Through easy-to-use, flexible and innovative products, they are revolutionizing the way financial institutions mitigate emerging payment industry risks,” said James Robertson, managing editor, Banking CIO Outlook. “G2 Web Services’ years of experience have helped them truly make a mark in the banking landscape and we are excited to feature them in our Payment Card Industry Special this year.”


G2 will be featured in the December 2015 issue of Banking CIO Outlook magazine.


About G2 Web Services

G2 Web Services is a global technology and services company that helps banks, processors and their partners ensure safer and more profitable commerce. Clients representing over half of merchant outlets globally use G2’s solutions to identify bad actors and keep them out of the payments system. Banks, processors and their partners use G2’s tools and expertise to perform better due diligence and monitoring so they can grow their portfolios while taking on acceptable risk. Widely regarded as the market leader, G2 helps clients confidently handle known and unknown threats and manage changing rules and regulations.


G2 Web Services is headquartered in the US in Bellevue, WA, with offices in London.


About Banking CIO Outlook

Banking CIO Outlook is a vast portal for professionals to access information regarding the trends, opinions and relevant discussions pertaining to challenges faced by the banking industry. The magazine constantly endeavors to identify “The Best” in a variety of areas important to banking industry. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, our editors choose the best in different domains. Payment and Card Special Edition is an annual listing of 10 Most Promising Payment and Card Solution Providers in the U.S.


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