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Activating Due Diligence and Merchant Monitoring Detectors

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By: Greg Baxley, Marketing Coordinator




A Universe of Fraud Across Payments Galaxies

The digital payments ecosystem is a complex, interconnected and ever-changing network that is exploited by criminals but can also be leveraged by risk professionals to defeat them. Merchant fraud is evolving at lighting pace, often leading to powerful global crime syndicates set up to evade legacy risk and compliance strategies. The old ways of managing merchant risk and compliance are no longer sufficient to defeat sophisticated bad actors working in groups. Every risk team, compliance group, PSP, gateway, service provider and card network has a piece of the puzzle that gives us all the clearest picture of global merchant risk and helps promote safe, profitable commerce. To defeat savvy fraud rings, today’s risk professionals need to break down walls within their firms, leverage service providers like G2 in new ways and harness the data and power of the entire payments community.


Merchant Risk Intelligence Solutions for Acquirers, Commercial Banks and their Value Chain Partners

G2 Web Services provides merchant risk intelligence solutions for acquirers, commercial banks and their value chain partners, representing close to 60% of global merchant outlets. Only G2 Web Services has the experience, data and skills to provide customers with comprehensive solutions that transform the way they manage and monitor merchant and business risk. Our platform has been built through over a decade of partnership with acquiring banks around the world and the major U.S. card networks, and uses advanced technologies combined with expert analysts to deliver value to our customers worldwide.


Industry Recognition for Superior Risk and Compliance Services

G2 Web Services has been recognized as an industry innovator through award nominations from a variety of leading global payments organizations. Read testimonials from across the banking industry, view our partners and associations and meet our leadership team.


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