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Insight Hub: A Premiere Resource for TLD

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By: Katina Baarslag, Director of Marketing


Insight Hub for Transaction Laudndering


Valuable insights and tools for TL detection

The act of detecting and removing fraudulent merchants who are using transaction laundering techniques is a new and complicated process. In an effort to further aid our clients with comprehensive risk solutions, we launched the Insight Hub earlier this year as a way to connect our TLD clients with the latest information relating to the global, evolving threat of transaction laundering. G2 Web Services has partnered with payment industry consultants Deana Rich and Todd Ablowitz of Double Rich Consulting to launch a comprehensive knowledge base. This site, brings together decades of industry expertise to provide you with a constant stream of knowledge, paramount to both maintaining compliance and minimizing risk.


Available only to G2 Transaction Laundering Detection clients, the Insight Hub is hosted on a secure web platform and contains exclusive content on the latest trends and rule changes relevant to risk and compliance professionals. An extensive library of the latest published articles, data, and media content will help you cohesively coach your teams, educate your peer departments and inform management. Here are some recent best practice topics:

  • Six Tips for Keeping Launderers Out of Your Portfolio
  • A Guide to Monitoring, Investigating and Detecting Transaction Laundering
  • Underwriting Guidelines for Preventing Transaction Laundering
  • How Customer Service and Sales Can Help Prevent Transaction Laundering


“This is the type of content and information that our industry needs. Case studies of real life examples of transaction laundering and tips on how to keep violators out of your portfolio. This is critical information for our industry. The content is engaging and informative and I look forward to more insights.”

– Biliana Sidova, former Head of Risk Department, eMerchantPay


Insight Hub Features

  • Exclusive content published regularly, reflecting current trends, industry insights, regional inclinations, common barriers, best practices, case studies, changes in compliance regulations, challenges facing industry peers and proven solutions for maintaining top level risk management
  • Secure, easy-to-use, searchable web platform with email notifications when new content is published
  • Access to content authors and industry leaders Deana Rich and Todd Ablowitz


G2 is excited to offer this valuable resource to our clients. If you’d like to find out more about the Insight Hub, download the Insight Hub Fact Sheet. If you are interested in G2 Transaction Laundering Detection or finding out if you have access to the Insight Hub, contact us at


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