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Reputation Monitoring Matters for Strong KYC

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By: Jodie Ruby, Director of Marketing


Are you monitoring your business customers for decline in reputation using consumer complaints information? Do you check sources of adverse media to monitor for risk events in your portfolio? With the increased focus on UDAAP violations, spearheaded by the CFPB, these leading indicators of risk can signal if your customer is engaged in anti-consumer behavior.


But monitoring for reputational decline should not be an annual exercise. And if you are only looking at one source of complaints data, you could be missing out on key information. Details that could more accurately reflect your business customer’s reputation status.


New Reputation Monitoring White Paper

In this new white paper, you can learn more about:

  • The growth in CFPB enforcement actions and their effect on banks and processors
  • Additional cases where consumer complaints information could have helped prevent fraud
  • Best practices for reputation monitoring, including the need for multiple sources of complaints information, and adjusting monitoring frequencies based on the business customer’s risk rating


Upcoming Webinar

For more discussion on this topic, sign up for our webinar on July 14 at 10:00 AM PDT. Special guest speaker Dennis Lormel, president of DML Associates and former FBI agent, and Jane Hennessy, head of external alliances from G2 Web Services, will focus on the importance of thorough reputation monitoring in today’s regulatory environment.


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