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Better Merchant Boarding with Customizable Risk Checks

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By: Greg Baxley, Marketing Coordinator


Boarding Solutions for Merchant Acquiring

For merchant acquirers, ISOs, PSPs, payment facilitators and other chain partners looking to onboard merchants quickly but efficiently, G2 Boarding Solutions are an essential part of a comprehensive solution. Global Boarding allows you to improve due diligence processes from the start. Based on over a decade of experience monitoring and analyzing merchant data for top global financial institutions, Global Boarding helps you make the most informed risk decisions possible, ensuring that you can grow revenue with safe, profitable commerce. Boarding solutions help to :

  • Improve boarding efficiencies
  • Uncover hidden risks
  • Offload costly, time consuming boarding tasks


Flexible, Powerful Merchant Due Diligence Solution

G2 Web Services can tailor a boarding program that works for you. If you are just getting started, we can build a program with smaller monthly minimums. With access to our secure online portal or by working with our team to implement the convenient API. This will streamline your boarding processes so that your team can make more informed decisions.


Analyze Each Merchant with the G2 Compass Score

Score every merchant with the G2 Compass Score as part of a complete due diligence solution. Developed by analyzing the behavior of millions of merchants, this predictive score helps you decide which merchants to board based on how profitable they will be. It queries data from multiple sources to investigate your merchant’s connections and risk history, digging deep into 11+ years of merchant risk history that is only available from G2.


Download our new Boarding Solution Infographic. Learn how we can help you enjoy increased revenue from safely and efficiently growing your merchant portfolio. For additional information about services, download the G2 Global Boarding Fact Sheet and G2 Global Boarding Starter Kit Fact Sheet.


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