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New Infographic! Best Practices for Taking on Risk Safely

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By: Greg Baxley, Marketing Coordinator


Defining Your Risk Tolerance

In the merchant acquiring space, risk is an inevitable component of conducting business. Acquirers, PSPs, ISOs, payment facilitators and other blockchain partners determine their risk tolerance level, which can vary widely among service providers. But risk doesn’t have to be a bad word. An understanding of industry risks and how to mitigate them is a crucial part of every compliance strategy. Taking on additional risk can lead to increased growth and revenue.


Learning How to Take on Risk Safely

Using best practices for boarding, monitoring and risk management alongside risk and compliance solutions from G2 Web Services will position your company to take on risk safely. To gain deeper insights into managing risk and increasing profits, see the infographic below:

Download the Taking on Risk Safely Infographic to gain deeper insights into managing risk and increasing profits. Learn best practices for preparing companies to combat fraud and learn from mistakes when fraud does occur by downloading the Organizational Framework for Transaction Laundering Detection.


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