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Vote Against Transaction Laundering and Payment Laundering

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By Austin Denson, Marketing Coordinator


G2 has been named a winner in The Fraud Fighter category by the 2017 Pay Awards. We are honored G2 Payment Laundering Detection has been selected as a successful method to help our clients in the fight against transaction laundering and payments laundering.


We need your vote!

An increasing number of prohibited merchants have found safe passage into the payment system by exploiting valid merchant accounts. By working together, we can fight against these criminals who bypass the laws selling illegal goods on the black markets. With your help, we can extinguish these seemingly low-risk online retailers that push illegal drugs, counterfeit goods, weapons, violent content and more worldwide.


Nothing will work unless you do

Sadly, there is no end in sight for the battle against transaction laundering. This exploitation of the payments system puts acquiring banks, ISOs, PSPs and payment facilitators at risk. For every site that is terminated as the result of illegal activity, dozens more continue are entering the payments chain every day. However, each violating merchant that is reported and terminated adds value to The G2 Merchant Map™.


Click here to vote:

  1. Look for the category “Payments Tech: The Fraud Fighter
  2. Select “Payment Laundering Detection: G2 Web Services
  3. Voting will be open through May 31
  4. Results will be announced the week of June 12


Online crime is growing and criminals are getting more sophisticated. Join our upcoming webinar to find out more about how G2 utilizes data science in the fight against transaction laundering.


Do you think you can identify if a website is legitimate or fraudulent? This fun game of Transaction Laundering Detection allows you to analyze a set of websites and determine which ones are legitimate sites, front sites and laundering sites.


To learn more, check out latest press release.


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