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New Persistent Merchant Monitoring Portal Roll Out Complete

Proud to announce —  ahead of schedule —  that G2 completed release of our powerful New Persistent Merchant Monitoring portal (and refactored, super-speedy database). G2 not only has the privilege of serving hundreds of the world’s acquirers, processors, ISOs and payment brands with our award-winning e-commerce merchant monitoring solutions and proprietary risk data (the G2 Merchant Map™), but now, with New PMM, we provide clients with the most modern monitoring portal in the industry. Our Client Services team and Relationship Managers have enjoyed training clients on the new portal and demonstrating its lightning speed and new features, including enhanced reporting, a totally redesigned UI and benchmarking across several hundred G2 clients globally.


New PMM still leverages G2’s 12+ years of experience monitoring merchant websites for thousands of risks and potential violations — combining the most powerful web crawling, data processing and analytics capabilities with expert insight and quality assurance by our tenured analysts.


G2 innovation won’t stop with this release. We listen to clients to know what new features they’d value and how we can leverage the G2 Merchant Map™ further to help them manage portfolio risk and grow their business safely.


G2 Web Services has the experience, data and skills to provide customers with comprehensive solutions that transform the way they manage and monitor merchant and business risk. If you would like to see a quick demo of the new PMM applications, please email us at


G2 will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, June 20 highlighting the newest trends in risk and compliance around synthetic drugs, pharmaceuticals and topicals. Members of the G2 analyst and client service teams will share the latest risks and what to monitor. Register here!


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