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G2 Combined with Verisk Delivers Leading Payment Fraud Protection

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Combining forces in merchant and consumer fraud and reputational risk detection


G2  has combined forces with Argus, a Verisk Analytics business. By joining with Argus, G2 can take its proprietary data assets and powerful technology to the next level. Both G2 and Argus share the same focus on deploying sophisticated data-driven solutions and making business safer for clients around the globe. Watch this short video for more details.



G2 will continue to provide acquiring banks, payment companies and commercial banks the solutions they need to identify, mitigate, and monitor payments risk in their merchant and business customer portfolios. G2 Web Services has gathered more than a decade of merchant-specific data, which is incorporated in the G2 Merchant Map™, the industry’s most extensive fraud and compliance database. By continuing to utilize data science, foremost industry technology and deep domain expertise, G2 remains committed to providing the identification of third-party merchant risk for hundreds of the world’s largest financial institutions.


“We’re thrilled to have G2 join the Verisk family,” said Nana Banerjee, group president of Verisk Analytics. “Both G2 and Argus share the same focus on deploying sophisticated data-driven solutions and making business safer for our clients, including banks, payment platforms, networks, and acquirers. G2 is changing the way the financial sector identifies and mitigates risk and fraud, and we firmly believe that our many other client companies across the globe will benefit from being part of the G2 platform.”


Argus is a one-of-a-kind leading provider of information, scoring solutions, and advisory services to financial institutions across the globe. Verisk Analytics is a leading data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, natural resources and financial services.

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