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2018 G2 Risk Summit Series Agenda Announced!

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transaction laundering

Data is critical to the success of merchant risk compliance teams if that data is harnessed quickly and analyzed efficiently. Nonetheless, that same data is futile without proper curation and the backing of advanced analytical technologies.


The journey begins with one step

This February, the G2 Team will be traveling to the stunning cities of Riga and London before ending the summit in Atlanta. Take that first step and register for one of G2’s three major merchant risk management networking events before it’s too late.

More than just a networking opportunity

Those who join will have the pleasure of witnessing discussions guided by industry leading professionals. Attendees will also be exposed to regulatory updates, advanced compliance solutions and a better understanding of data and its role in the fight against transaction laundering. For a more insightful view of the event, please download our 2018 Agenda Preview (event has ended).

Let’s think differently

To mitigate risk, we must think differently. Using the same thought processes and mindset that created these problems will not solve them. A combined strategic approach by our payments community is the most effective route.


Stay tuned for the individual city agendas and event updates in the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing you at one of our three select cities!

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