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Money Laundering & Misbranded Prescription Drugs

A recent press release by the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced that two men have been sentenced to imprisonment for the illegal online sale of misbranded prescription drugs and a conspiracy to commit money laundering.


According to the press release, Paul Leix along with business partner, Thomas Keightly, were involved in the illegal online distribution of peptides and other bodybuilding chemicals. Leix marketed these products on his website, claiming that these substances were to be purchased for research purposes only. Further investigation revealed that Leix was not properly licensed to manufacture, sell or prescribe these chemicals. The “research only” disclaimer was devised to circumvent regulatory scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Money Laundering for Peptides?

A peptide is a short chain of amino acids joined together by a bond and is used to increase the body’s production of the growth hormone. It is illegal to buy and use peptides for purposes other than research. Potential side effects of peptide supplementation include:

  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities
  • Increased tiredness
  • Increase in speed of hair and nail growth
  • High blood pressure
  • Extreme kidney pain


Bypassing Laws With Mislabeled Supplements 

One popular bodybuilding website wrote, “For research purposes, it is perfectly all right for you get these compounds if you need to.” The article goes on to warn the reader, “…it is illegal to buy and use peptides for purposes other than research. Those who sell these substances get away by including a disclaimer on the bottles that they are for research only. This means you could be arrested and prosecuted if you are found to be using them. It is the reason some users speak in coded language when discussing usage, such as talking about injecting their animals with the compounds.”


Increased regulation of anabolic steroids might have influenced the illegal peptide consumption among bodybuilders. Leix and Keightly claimed that their consumers were using the chemicals for research purposes only, yet it was revealed that the compounds were being self-injected.


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