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3 High-Risk Ecommerce Markets to Keep Tabs On

As new high-risk merchants establish a presence in ecommerce, weak points in the payments system are exposed

Last week, Dan Frechtling, president at Verisk Financial G2 discussed the growing presence of three high-risk ecommerce markets during a panel discussion at the annual ETA TRANSACT conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Adult-oriented websites, online pharmacies, and virtual casinos have quickly established residency within the global payments system. As a result, additional merchant fraud and compliance issues are surfacing.

“Fraud is sort of subject to laws like the law of conservation of mass. Fraud and risk never really go away, it just gets moved from one part of the payments space to another,” said Frechtling during his opening statements. Watch a few highlights from the educational session below:




eta transact high-risk merchants discussion

From left: Leonard Gordon, Partner at Venable LLP, Dan Frechtling, President at Verisk financial G2, Jim Ash, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, and Luis Gonzalez, US Region Operations Manager at emerchantpay gathering to discuss high-risk merchant fraud and new markets at ETA Transact 2019.


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