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G2 Appoints Gunawan Herri As Chief Information Officer

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BELLEVUE, WA, June 27, 2013 – G2, the leading global provider of payment risk management services, today announced that Gunawan Herri has joined G2 as Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Technology. In his role, Herri will be responsible for leading the technology team in enhancing current G2 technology and developing new payment risk management technology to mitigate emerging risks facing the payments industry. Herri will manage and grow the G2 Merchant Map, an extensive database comprising billions of data points on merchant risk history, to enable acquiring banks and payment providers to better predict risk in their merchant portfolios.

“Gunawan brings outstanding strategic leadership and complex technology experience to the G2 Web Services executive team, which will allow us to continue to be on the forefront of payment risk and further improve our client experience,” said Edward Barton, President and Chief Operating Officer of G2 Web Services.

Gunawan Herri has over 19 years of executive experience in technology environments. Most recently, he was Chief Technology Officer for Lifestory Interactive, where he developed state-of-the-art software and platforms for the life insurance market. Prior to Lifestory, Herri was Senior Vice President of Technology at Education Dynamics, where he led the product development effort and whole product life cycles of online marketing platforms. Herri has also held leadership positions at Microsoft, and has spent many years in Silicon Valley with marquee companies like SGI, Commerce One and Adobe Systems. He earned a BA in Computer Science and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

“I am thrilled to bring my experience to a dynamic organization like G2, which is leading the charge in mitigating payment risk on such a global level,” said Herri.

About G2 

G2 is a leading global provider of payment risk management solutions, including merchant due diligence, compliance, and fraud protection. G2 helps acquiring banks and payment service providers take on the appropriate level of risk in their merchant portfolios, while protecting against brand damage, illegal activity, and noncompliance assessments. G2 solutions include predicting new merchants’ potential for risk at boarding, monitoring merchants’ websites to ensure compliance with card network regulations and the law, and protecting against fraud, among others.

Since the company’s inception in 2004, G2 has investigated, analyzed and linked data from millions of merchants, their websites, and their relationships, building the G2 Merchant Map. The G2 Merchant Map is the industry’s most extensive map of global merchant data, offering current and historical merchant relationships, merchant risk history and insight into merchant behaviors that no one else can provide.

The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with offices in London and Shanghai, and hundreds of client worldwide. To speak to a G2 representative, contact us.

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