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Top 5 Tips to Monitor Your Merchants

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– August 6, 2013 –

We all know how difficult it can be as an acquirer to monitor all of your merchants’ websites effectively. It is a costly and time-consuming process to do in-house, and regulations are constantly changing. However, choosing to not monitor your merchants can open you up to brand damage, legal liability, and card network assessments.

Here are the “Top 5 Tips to Monitor Your Merchants” from G2 Web Services, a leading provider of payment risk management solutions and expert at merchant compliance monitoring, to help you stay better protected.

1. Regularly analyze merchant website content

It is critical to regularly monitor your merchants’ website content, as it can change at any moment. If your merchant suddenly begins selling goods or services that are not compliant with industry regulations, you may be at risk for brand damage, legal penalties or card network assessments. The card networks suggest that acquirers use a merchant monitoring provider, such as G2 Web Services, to ensure you identify any non-compliant content that may appear after boarding.

2. Keep on the watch for new card network regulations

Government agencies, card networks and other regulatory bodies frequently make updates to their regulations for what merchants can sell online and how acquiring banks must regulate it. Some of the most recent card network rules can be found online:

We also recommend regularly checking on DEA updates and FDA updates, and other country-specific government agency websites. Recent DEA and FDA updates can also be found online:

G2 monitors the latest industry trends and works closely with industry regulatory bodies and experts, and we constantly adjust and refine our Persistent Merchant Monitoring service accordingly.

3. Join applicable card network compliance programs for further risk protection

The card networks have established compliance programs for acquirers to help them comply with their frequently changing regulations, including MasterCard’s BRAM (Business Risk Assessment & Mitigation) Program and Visa’s GBPP (Global Brand Protection Program). G2 Web Services is an approved BRAM monitoring provider and also helps acquirers comply with the content regulations outlined in the Visa Global Brand Protection Program.

G2 Web Services is the only provider that enables you to report your violations directly to the card networks through a convenient online portal, to enable clear communication with the card networks about your compliance efforts. Learn more about Persistent Merchant Monitoring.

4. Identify all merchant websites

This may sound simple, but with ISOs, PSPs, marketplace merchants and more, the value chains of acquirers are becoming increasingly complex. Make sure you have identified all your merchants’ websites.


5. Ensure that your ISOs and PSPs are monitoring their merchants and sub merchants

In addition to identifying all your ISOs, PSPs and other value chain members’ merchant websites, it is imperative that you monitor them for illegal and non-compliant content, as you are still liable for what those merchants are selling. G2 Web Services’ Persistent Merchant Monitoring allows increased visibility into your value chain members and their reported violations, so you can monitor, review and take action on them, and share the final outcome with the applicable card networks.

G2 Web Services can help you monitor your merchants more effectively, stay on top of changing industry regulations, identify your merchant websites, and comply with card network rules related to merchant website content. G2 Persistent Merchant Monitoring closely monitors your merchants’ websites and alerts you of any issues you may need to be aware of. Many merchants may sell legitimate goods on their websites when you board them into your portfolio. But hours, days or months later, they may switch to selling counterfeit goods or mod chips, items that are not compliant with card network rules and are brand-damaging, not to mention illegal.

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