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G2 Web Services Hosts Merchant Risk Workshop in Shanghai

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– November 22, 2013 –G2 Web Services Hosts Merchant Risk Workshop in Shanghai

Ed Barton, G2 Web Services President, and Emily Sander, Director of Client Management, recently returned from China where they hosted a G2 Merchant Risk Workshop in Shanghai, along with Sophia Chen, G2 Regional Director – Asia-Pacific. The G2 Merchant Risk Workshop hosted numerous Chinese payment service providers, major e-commerce acquirers, as well as Visa and MasterCard. Presentation topics included How IP Rights Law in the U.S. Impacts Chinese Merchants and Acquirers, G2 Persistent Merchant Monitoring and best practices for monitoring merchant websites for compliance, as well as a client testimonial from a G2 client.

During their ten day visit, Ed and Emily, along with Sophia, also met with three major acquiring banks in China as well as Alibaba, a Hangzhou-based group of e-commerce businesses. Wrapping up their travels, the G2 team met with Chinese government agencies to discuss merchant risk challenges facing the region- including, counterfeit and IP rights infringement, unauthorized merchant aggregation and increased chargebacks.

G2 Web Services has continued to grow its presence in Asia Pacific, with the opening of the G2 Shanghai office last year, along with the hire of Sophia Chen, G2 Regional Director – Asia-Pacific. G2 now has 41 major acquirer and PSP clients in the Asia Pacific region, and an extensive database of regional merchant risk and fraud history, relationships and behavior that make up the global G2 Merchant Map®.

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