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Introducing the G2 Compass Score

– August 8, 2014 –

Navigating merchant due diligence is a balancing act of selecting the right mixture of merchants. While high-risk merchants bring some risk (not just in the name), boarding merchants within your appropriate risk level can help grow your portfolio – ultimately increasing revenue. To perform proper due diligence, you must have the most up-to-date, detailed merchant information possible. Without a good due diligence process, it can be extremely time consuming to differentiate the good merchants from the ones that don’t fit your business.

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The Good News

To help you sail these complicated waters, we are excited to introduce the new G2 Compass Score. Combining the power of predictive analytics with our 10 years of expertise in reviewing billions of data points for millions of merchants, the G2 Compass Score provides you insight into merchants that no one else can.

The G2 Compass Score allows you to use data to predict merchant profitability!

Regardless of merchant size, location, online or brick and mortar, the G2 Compass Score provides a score between 1 and 1,000 that predicts the merchant’s future profitability. This means that whether they are a multi-million dollar giant, or a “thin file” merchant, you can get the information you need before you board.

To learn more about the G2 Compass Score click here!

It Gets Better

The G2 Compass Score is also available via API, so you can integrate directly into your boarding system, plus make more informed boarding decisions in real time! Think about how much time this could save you per merchant review.

To learn more about APIs and their benefits click here!

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