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Cross-Border Underwriting and Trends

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By: Matt Lyman, Senior Marketing Manager


Over the last decade, we have seen the proliferation of payment methods and business management tools, resulting in a dramatic reduction of barriers to participate in ecommerce. This growth of alternative payment channels – such as mobile payments, ewallets, and Square – leads to newly enabled buyers from all around the world. This significant increase in global commerce and cross-border payments is a trend that won’t be going away.

While this growth is great news for businesses wishing to expand globally, it also comes with increased global risk. The cybercrime industry mirrors these same trends, with global card fraud losses totaling $11.3B in 2013. To go global and manage risk, businesses need to understand and follow commerce regulations outside of their home country, which can be a major challenge.


Rapidly changing risk and global regulations can make due diligence difficult. Partnering with a company that has access to centralized data to monitor potential fraud is a great way to make sure you stay on top of everything. Centralized data will help you:

  • Manage risk variables for each category of commerce
  • Understand laws and customs of each country (merchant’s home country and consumers’ locations) – do they have different diligence requirements?
  • Comply with ever-changing regulations
  • Gain access to data science that will detect fraud and potential fraud 

Working with a partner that has a global perspective will allow you to stay focused on growing your business. Tools like The G2 Compass Score will automate your processes where you can, allowing you to focus human talent where you need it most.

To learn more about best practices in boarding international merchants and trends in global diligence, check out How Much Is Enough: The Ever-Changing Needs in International Underwriting, a presentation given on April 1st by CEO Allison Guidette and VP of Solutions Development Matt Ward-Steinman at ETA Transact 15.

Also – register now for our ETA Webinar Making Connections: Using Data Science to Enhance Your Diligence Process on April 28, 2015 at 10:00-11:00am PT.

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