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G2 Releases Guide on Cleaning Out Transaction Laundering

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SINGAPORE, August 26, 2015 — G2 Web Services, provider of risk solutions to clients with over half of the world’s merchant outlets, has released a new guide called Cleaning Out Transaction Laundering for risk
and compliance leaders. The announcement is being made at MasterCard’s Asia-Pacific Global Risk Leadership Conference.

Transaction laundering occurs when unknown — often illicit — businesses process payments through known merchant accounts. It is a growing method used by rookie and veteran perpetrators alike, many of whom were previously terminated but return to transact more covertly. The guide from G2 helps acquirers keep their portfolios free of transaction laundering and associated costs and fines.

“G2 has found half of all violating websites are exploiting the payment system without registering for merchant accounts,” said Dan Frechtling, G2 chief product and marketing officer and co-author of the white paper. “Further, a full quarter of terminated accounts keep their operations mostly intact and seek new payment inroads such as transaction laundering.”

The guide is available for download at no cost. It includes information for acquirers and their partners such as:

  • The six types of laundering merchants
  • Two case studies based on actual violations
  • The six best practices for selecting a vendor

“Acquirers are seeking to improve their ability to identify and eliminate transaction laundering,” said Deana Rich, president of Rich Consulting, Inc., a specialist in risk management and compliance for acquirers. “This guide illustrates the importance of partnerships between financial institutions’ human capital and technology companies like G2 in the fight against transaction laundering.”


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The paper demonstrates why transaction laundering deserves greater attention by financial institutions.
The practice violates merchant agreements with acquirers, allows prohibited goods and services to enter
the payment system, and may flout anti-money-laundering (AML) laws. Fortunately, there are solutions from technology companies that provide better information and automation to serve risk and compliance professionals.

G2’s viewpoints on transaction laundering were recently profiled on See the article and
podcast here. Read more about G2 Transaction Laundering Detection at the G2 website.


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