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LONDON, UK, February 26th, 2015 — G2 Web Services, the leading provider of merchant risk management solutions, and Zoot Enterprises, a global provider of advanced instant credit decisioning, risk management, loan origination and workflow management solutions, announced the integration of their merchant boarding capabilities today at the 6th Annual G2 Merchant Risk Summit.

The partnership enables Zoot to embed the G2 Compass Score into its full suite of merchant due diligence services. The G2 Compass Score provides a predictive risk score that helps financial institutions enhance the speed, efficiency and accuracy of their underwriting decisions and support better data-based merchant assessments.

Zoot’s zMerchant® onboarding and risk monitoring solution is designed to efficiently evaluate new merchant applications in real time for merchant acquirers, ISOs and others seeking to establish new merchant accounts. Additionally, the solution proactively monitors merchant transactions and applies automated risk triggers to signal potential problems.

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BELLEVUE, WA,  September 22, 2014 – G2 Web Services, a leading global provider of payment risk management services, today announced that Allison Guidette has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer. With deep understanding of Big Data, software, and services businesses, Guidette is uniquely poised to lead G2 in its next stage of service to the fast-evolving payment processing industry.

Guidette brings more than 15 years of general management experience in information and technology for professional services clients. She most recently honed her commitment to customer-focused innovation and service as managing director of the large law firms business at Thomson Reuters.

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BELLEVUE, WA, September 05, 2014 – G2 Web Services, the leading provider of merchant risk intelligence solutions, has been nationally recognized with the 2014 When Work Works Award. The award honors businesses that actively provide effective workplace strategies that encourage and increase employee successes. The award is administered by the Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and granted to employers that foster outstanding professional workplaces.

“A healthy and positive work environment encourages creativity, drive, and dedication – qualities we continue to see from our employees at G2 Web Services,” says Rory Liebhart, Vice President of Finance & Administration at G2. “We strive to provide a rewarding work environment and I believe our ongoing success is a real testament to that.”

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G2 Web Services adds G2 Compass Score API to its KYC Governor™ solution, enabling banks to predict merchant and ACH originator risk and profitability in real time.

BELLEVUE, WA, August 27, 2014 – G2 Web Services, the leading provider of merchant risk intelligence solutions, today announced the addition of the new, predictive G2 Compass Score API to its KYC Governor solution. G2 Compass Score is a powerful tool that helps banks evaluate companies’ risk levels before taking them on as customers, and predict how profitable they will be for the bank. As part of KYC Governor, a merchant and ACH originator due diligence and monitoring solution, G2 Compass Score API will speed up merchant evaluation and help banks better manage risk. This unique score pulls from a decade of proprietary business risk history data gathered from monitoring and analyzing the risk of millions of global merchants and billions of data points.

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The fifth-annual G2 Merchant Risk Summit, held February 10-13, 2014 in London at the historic Landmark London Hotel, once again brought together payments industry executives from around the world, with over 200 registrants from 25 countries. This year’s theme was “Navigating Uncharted Risk,” and featured 23 speakers, including industry leaders from MasterCard, Visa Europe, Allied Wallet, PCI Council, INTERPOL, NBCUniversal and G2 Web Services, to just name a few. Session topics covered emerging and existing risks, ranging from the increasing globalization of the payments industry to understanding new EU privacy standards, as well as marketplaces, merchant bust-out fraud, and cross-border crime. The G2 Merchant Risk Summit is hosted each year by G2 Web Services.

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The Fifth Annual G2 Merchant Risk Summit starts today at the historic Landmark Hotel in London. This exclusive event brings together 200+ industry leaders in merchant risk, fraud and compliance, from major card networks, leading acquiring banks, payment service providers, and risk professionals from around the world. This year’s conference theme is “Navigating Uncharted Risk”, and will feature sessions ranging from the increasing globalization of the payments industry to understanding new EU privacy standards, as well as marketplaces, merchant bust-out fraud, and cross-border crime.

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Last week, G2 Web Services attended the MasterCard Global Risk Management Conference in Malta, which focused on bringing together industry leaders to discuss the latest tools in fraud prevention. G2 presented on a number of topics, including compliance best practices, payment facilitator risk, and fraud prevention within the payments community. G2 also launched G2 FraudFile, a new fraud reporting and prevention solution, at the conference.

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