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Fraudulent merchants are abundant during the holiday season, profiting from consumers’ generous spending during the most lucrative shopping days of the year.  According to a report by ComScore, online retailers are estimated to bring in over $52.2 billion during November and December in the U.S. alone. The volume of transactions in such a short period of time is the perfect breeding ground for fraud schemes that can hurt acquiring banks and payment providers. Not only do the holidays bring an increase in merchant fraud, but they are also a popular time for merchants to add non-compliant goods to their websites, as these can often be very profitable. Monitoring merchants for compliance and fraud is imperative for acquirers and payment providers during this busy shopping season to prevent possible brand damage and financial loss.

The payments industry continues to make advancements in fraud prevention and protection, leaving fraudsters to find more creative ways to cheat the system. One of the fastest growing fraud schemes today is bust-out merchants, fraudulent merchants that rack up transactions, steal money, and then close down shop before being caught. By the time the acquiring bank receives a chargeback notification, the merchant is already gone, leaving the acquiring bank responsible for chargebacks and any additional fees they incur as a result.

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Ed Barton, G2 Web Services President, and Emily Sander, Director of Client Management, recently returned from China where they hosted a G2 Merchant Risk Workshop in Shanghai, along with Sophia Chen, G2 Regional Director – Asia-Pacific. The G2 Merchant Risk Workshop hosted numerous Chinese payment service providers, major e-commerce acquirers, as well as Visa and MasterCard. Presentation topics included How IP Rights Law in the U.S. Impacts Chinese Merchants and Acquirers, G2 Persistent Merchant Monitoring and best practices for monitoring merchant websites for compliance, as well as a client testimonial from a G2 client.

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Data mapping has increasingly become one o­­f the most important tools to identify and manage merchant risk in the rapidly shifting payments landscape. When reviewing a merchant application and its basic business information, there is much more than meets the eye. Often, there lies an entire network of connections between the merchant and existing domains, directors, IP addresses, third party providers, and risk history. Why does this matter? Well, if it is possible to identify relationships or connections between a new merchant on the web to current or previous entities, it’s possible to gather enough data to predict what risk they present to an acquirer or payment provider. Prediction rather than reaction is essential in mitigating merchant risk and fraud, both at boarding and throughout a merchant relationship.

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Merchant fraud is a costly problem for acquirers and payment providers, with global card fraud losses reaching $11.27 billion last year, according to the Nilson Report. G2 Web Services conducted an investigative case study that demonstrated how many acquirers just one fraudulent merchant can touch. The findings were concerning, and highlighted the need for a secure, neutral location for payment providers to share fraud data to mitigate financial losses.

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This week, we sat down with Robert H. Caldwell, Founding Partner of G2 Web Services, to interview him on cyberlockers and marketplace merchants, and the risk they present to the payment system. Read on for Bob’s insights into where cyberlockers and marketplace merchants fit in the payment system, the risks associated with them, and best practices for payment providers to mitigate risk associated with these entities.

Last week, G2 Web Services attended the MasterCard Global Risk Management Conference in Malta, which focused on bringing together industry leaders to discuss the latest tools in fraud prevention. G2 presented on a number of topics, including compliance best practices, payment facilitator risk, and fraud prevention within the payments community. G2 also launched G2 FraudFile, a new fraud reporting and prevention solution, at the conference.

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G2 Web Services announces FraudFile, a new fraud reporting and prevention solution that enables payment providers to prevent fraud at boarding, receive fraud alerts on current merchants, and report global fraud loss data to a central, secure location. 

ST. JULIANS, MALTA, October 15, 2013 – G2 Web Services, leading global provider of merchant risk management solutions, today announced the launch of G2 FraudFile.  This fraud loss prevention solution for acquirers and payment providers identifies fraudulent and potentially fraudulent merchants at boarding and alerts participants of identified fraud on an ongoing basis. FraudFile provides a unique, global, and system-neutral location for acquirers to report fraud loss data and to protect against future fraud loss, particularly from bust-out merchants and rapidly growing fraud rings.

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As an acquirer, knowing what your merchants are selling is key to minimizing your risk for potential violations, especially since merchants can add products to their websites at any given moment, without your knowledge. New products are constantly put on the market, and unfortunately, illegal and risky products are often hard to detect and monitor. Without being aware of these products, you run the risk of brand damage and potential violations, including regulatory fines and even legal penalties. While the list of goods and services that violate MasterCard’s BRAM program and Visa’s Global Brand Protection program (not to mention the law) is exhaustive, G2 Web Services has compiled a list of five lesser-known products that we have identified on merchant websites that you should be on the lookout for.

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