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A “designer” or “synthetic” drug is a structural analog of a controlled substance that mimics the effects of the substance while avoiding classification as illegal. Synthetic copies of pharmaceuticals are common in erectile dysfunction, birth control and…

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Transaction laundering runs off the notion of profit. Money is the driving force behind a criminal’s urge to sell illegal goods. To gain the most profit from his business, a criminal must be able to accept all types of payments, especially…

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Often, innocent looking sites can harbor transaction laundering. At G2, each website in an acquiring bank’s portfolio is carefully assessed for suspicious activity — first through technology and second by the human eyes of our expert analysts. However, even merchants categorized at low risk can…

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Fraudsters are always looking for unsuspecting payment types that can be used to perpetrate their crimes. The increased consumer and merchant usage of alternative payment methods (APMs) have quickly increased the attention of both…

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Newly implemented guidelines require additional information on a merchant’s basic location. A merchant account lacking an address upon checkout may suggest illegal activity. Join G2 for a 30-minute webinar on…

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