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G2 Web Services was announced as the jury winner in the Best Fraud Prevention Innovation category a few weeks ago, at the Global Payment Summit in Singapore. The Florin Award recognized our…

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Using FraudFile – G2’s innovative fraud prevention tool for boarding and due diligence – a G2 Web Services client identified 54 merchants who had previously been terminated for fraudulent activity, were operating additional active accounts in their portfolio.

These 54 merchants represented more than $1 million dollars in previous fraud loss.

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The Many Faces of Merchant Bust-Outs

According to ACI Worldwide, 50% of bust-out merchant fraud cases go unnoticed. Bust-out merchant fraudsters rack up high volumes of illegal transactions and then disappear, leaving others responsible for the subsequent chargebacks. As in a masquerade ball, fraudsters are able to go unnoticed, appearing to blend in as good merchants. Since different types of bust-out merchant fraud takes advantage of different aspects in the payments processing cycle, knowing the different types of merchant bust-out fraud can help lower the rate of undetected cases.

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A Look at Merchant Bust-Out Fraud

Highlighted by the breaches at Target, P.F. Chang’s and most recently StubHub, it seems the frequency of merchant fraud increasingly is making headlines. With that surge, it’s important to take a closer look at the different types of fraud you may encounter in order to be better prepared to combat them. Bust-out merchants, for instance, can be hard to spot as they have learned and adapted in order to go longer unnoticed.

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