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It’s no secret that fraudsters are notoriously devious, enacting broad schemes of deceit that can span multiple offenses. Every time a fraudster changes their tactics, it makes tracking them more difficult for merchant acquirers and law enforcement. In the 11+ years that G2 Web Services has offered risk solutions to the acquiring market, we have identified millions of violations…

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The act of detecting and removing fraudulent merchants who are using transaction laundering techniques is a new and complicated process. In an effort to further aid our clients with comprehensive risk solutions, we launched the Insight Hub earlier this year as a way to connect our TLD clients with the latest information relating to the global, evolving threat of…

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Over the years, there have been many perceived grey areas in the payments industry, with laws that vary between regions concerning certain types of online businesses. Escort services and dating sites are good examples of the types of companies that have been scrutinized in the past. While the people behind these businesses would argue that their services are distinctly legal, and in most regions they are; recent attention from the media has proven…

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A food ingredients company selling spices and other food products was onboarded by an acquirer. It utilized a simple, but effective, web design that merchandised peppers, confections, rare seasonings and other culinary items. Prices were high, but not unreasonable. At first glance it seemed to be just another new…

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Last week we had the opportunity to attend the Merchant Acquirer Committee’s regional conference in Los Angeles, where I was impressed by the quality and depth of the information presented.

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We all know the fraudsters are getting more aggressive, bold and craftier. Who would have thought they would actually be marketing their services? Just check out some of the videos they post on YouTube and you’ll see that they give instructions on how to…

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