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Coming out of ACAMS 15th annual AML & Financial Crime Conference in Las Vegas last week, I saw several themes emerging in the AML/BSA/KYC space. The conference featured an impressive array of speakers and exhibitors from the commercial banking industry, fintech and…

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With the presidential election upcoming in 16 months, bank regulations are becoming an increasing part of the national discourse. Even Rick Perry said he wants to break up banks, putting him in the same company as President Obama and Elizabeth Warren.

More central to the debate than bank size is consumer protection. What is the right amount of consumer protection?

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Both banks and their regulators have been focusing on the issue of higher risk customers with differing points of view as to how to deal with them. There is no standard definition of what is “higher risk” but some business categories which typically fall into that classification are online gambling, tobacco products, casinos, etc. There seems to be guidance from some regulatory agencies that…

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