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G2 Drug Watch List

Trending pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and illegal drugs

This watch list is a great tool to incorporate into underwriting and boarding processes, as well as when conducting investigations on merchants. Download, print, and share this document with your team.

A “designer” or “synthetic” drug is a structural analog of a controlled substance that mimics the effects of the substance while avoiding classification as illegal. Synthetic copies of pharmaceuticals are common in erectile dysfunction, birth control and performance enhancement. The latter can avoid detection in standard drug tests.

Topicals are one of the newest risks to acquirers. This category consists of mostly dermatological type products, many of which are banned or are only available with a prescription. The G2 analyst team has compiled a list of the trending products in this tricky area.

Download the case study to learn about:

  • Trending pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and illegal drugs 
  • Where these illegal substances are commonly found online
  • Additional drug and regulatory information

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