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Automated KYC Due Diligence Reports and Data

Validate merchant-supplied information and uncover additional, pertinent details needed to make underwriting decisions.

Automate KYC

Eliminate 95% of the “grunt work” of manually gathering KYC data by replacing costly manual processes with consistent, automated KYC technologies.

Speed Underwriting

Receive due diligence reports and data in minutes to accelerate underwriting decisions and give underwriters the information they need for exception handling.

Grow Faster

Access due diligence reports and data via API to create underwriting rule sets, scoring, and machine learning models to accelerate underwriting decisions.

What Does This Mean For You?

G2 KYC Automation accelerates merchant underwriting

Attract New Merchants

Receive more applications from merchants looking for a fast decision.

Accelerate Underwriting Decisions

Use KYC reports delivered in minutes to quickly build your merchant portfolio.

Improve Efficiency

Offload manual KYC data collection from expensive underwriting professionals.

Rest Easy

Welcome audits knowing automated systems are accurate and documented.

Automated KYC Due Diligence—Ten Tips

G2 Key Features

1. Website Crawling

Detects and categorizes web pages, prohibited words/phrases, parked websites, and more.

2. Government & Legal Checks

Automates compliance checks (e.g. PEP, FTC+), and identifies required consumer disclosures.

3. Reputation Checks

Checks BBB, consumer complaint boards, online reviews, news, OFAC SDN, and more.

4. ETA Compliant

Closely follows the ETA’s merchant onboarding guidelines, and gives auditable KYC reports.

5. Merchant Analytics

Includes web server geolocation, address verification, and mapping (including street view).

6. Anytime, Anywhere

Supports global merchants in 90 languages. Data is available 24/7/365 and accessible in minutes.

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