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Streamlined Merchant Boarding

Win new business with an easy onboarding and underwriting process.

Simplify Applications

Replace long and duplicative PDFs with digital landing pages for any device.

Score Merchants

Consolidate KYC and AML due diligence data with consistent scoring and rule sets.

Underwrite in Minutes

Use configurable risk scorecards to make fast underwriting decisions.

What Does This Mean For You?

G2 Merchant Acquisition helps you win new business, safely.

Increase Applications

Improve application completion rates with consolidated forms and e-signatures.

Reduce Risk

Ensure fast and accurate due diligence with integrated KYC and AML partners.

Compete Successfully

Simplify underwriting decisions by auto-approving merchants using pre-defined thresholds.

Save Costs

Maximize underwriters’ time by accurately scoring merchants before reviewing exceptions.

Two Ways to Acquire New Merchants

Key Features

1. Online Applications

Replace PDFs with digital landing pages and legally binding electronic signatures.

2. Smart Forms

Simplify forms by pre-populating known data and real-time form field validation.

3. Unified Applications

Allow merchants to apply for multiple products in a single application.

4. Integrated Due Diligence

Pull in automated KYC and AML due diligence data for faster underwriting.

5. Configurable Risk Scorecard

Set scoring thresholds for application auto-approval to board merchants faster.

6. Audit Trail

Capture every step in the process to quickly respond to audits.

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