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End-to-End Merchant Risk Operations

Dramatically increase operational effectiveness with the only solution that unifies world-leading onboarding, KYC, and monitoring technologies.

G2 Merchant Acquisition

Customize merchant applications and workflows to give merchants an effortless experience.
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G2 KYC Automation

Approve applications in minutes with automated KYC due diligence and auto-decisioning.
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G2 Merchant Monitoring

Monitor merchants for violating content and transaction laundering to protect your business.
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Optimize Your Merchant Risk Processes

Unlike point solutions, our cohesive and seamless technologies address the entire
merchant lifecycle.

Digital Application

Provide a stress-free merchant application experience.

Underwriting Management

Automate and tailor your back-end processes.

KYC Automation

Eliminate manual KYC due diligence.

Underwriting Decisioning

Match scoring and rule sets to risk tolerance.

Ongoing Monitoring

Stay in compliance and protect your reputation.

KYC Due Diligence—Automation and Scale

Tightly Integrated Solution

1. Complete

Manage merchant risk in its entirety, from onboarding through continuous monitoring and periodic reviews.

2. Proprietary

Leverage proprietary machine learning algorithms and merchant risk data to inform underwriting and business decisions.

3. Adaptive

Continuously improve underwriting by recycling monitoring violations back into the underwriting process.

4. Modular

Start with what you need most and add other modules as needed—much less expensive than building in-house, yet plays well with existing in-house solutions.

5. Experienced

Partner with payments industry specialists with 30+ years experience—preferred by the most acquirers and payment companies globally.

6. Unique

Rely on our one-of-a-kind, integrated, and flexible platform backed by world-leading technology, influence, and expertise.

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