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Your Portfolio = A Transaction Launderer's Hideout

With transaction fraud hitting $500 billion in 2018, transaction laundering is likely the biggest threat to your portfolio…yet the most difficult to detect.


Transaction Laundering


G2 helps ensure your merchants are not involved in any illegal activity. We combine machine learning technology with expert human analysis to expose transaction laundering networks and ensure portfolio compliance.

A Merchant Bad Reputation = Damage to Your Reputation

merchant reputationA poor or declining merchant reputation often signals bad business practices that can hurt your reputation, as well as land you with regulatory fines and card-network assessments.

G2’s Reputation Monitoring helps save your reputation and avoid penalties by identifying bad actors in your merchant portfolio.

Consumer Complaints Monitoring (currently available to US clients only)
Scans 850+ industry-leading databases, including:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
  • Civil litigation databases
  • Attorney General complaints by state
  • Online reviews (e.g. Google reviews)

Negative news and watch list monitoring
Scans over 100,000+ unique sources in 240 countries to identify merchants associated with:

  • Money laundering
  • Terrorism
  • Bribery
  • Denied entity
  • Fraud
  • Securities and Exchange Commission vioations
  • Regulatory actions
  • Business crimes and misconduct

G2’s Reputation Monitoring helps, acquirers, ISOs, and PSPs identify bad actors among their merchant portfolio, preventing losses and future fines.


Misclassified MCC Codes = Misclassified Risk

merchant category codeMCCs are used to classify a merchant type by the goods or services they provide, e.g. book stores, florists, etc. Merchants choose their MCC code, but financial institutions hold the ultimate responsibility for ensuring those codes are correct.

For example, gambling merchants can choose from multiple codes:

  • 7801—Government-Licensed Casinos (Online or Internet Gambling)
  • 7995—Gambling Transactions Betting (Sportsbook, fantasy, social gaming; when regulated and not covered by other MCCs) (D)
  • 9754—Gambling-Horse, Dog Racing, State Lottery

With G2 MCC Check you can

  • Correct merchant MCC errors
  • Terminate prohibited businesses
  • Segment merchants in your portfolio by risk level
  • Reallocate your personnel’s time to more strategic functions
  • Provide independent, third-party proof to auditors of the merchant MCCs in your portfolio

How You Manage Risk Can Have a Big Impact on Your Business

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