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New Risks for Acquirers: Synthetic Pharma, Designer Drugs & Topicals

Pharma and illegal drugs are not new problems to the payments industry. However, they are continuously evolving. The latest designer drugs copy the effects of well-known pharmaceuticals. Topicals, or medications applied directly to the skin, can carry harmful substances. Both signify new problem categories for well-meaning acquirers.

In this short 30-minute webinar, members of the G2 analyst and client service teams will share the newest risks and what to watch for. Join us to learn about:

  • Trending synthetic or designer drugs and the multiple names they go by.
  • How drug iteration works and how it can affect the terms you are monitoring.
  • Transaction laundering examples of illegal drugs and what to keep an eye on.
  • Best practices for researching topicals and the latest chemicals to watch for.

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