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Online Marketplaces: A New Risk for Acquirers Webinar

What Do Online Marketplaces Mean for Acquirers

Marketplaces are a large leap forward for e-commerce sellers and customers. Shoppers now have the option to search and shop at one location for an endless variety of goods. With such a large volume of vendors, pages are constantly changing.

Maintaining compliance and managing risk is difficult for marketplaces and their acquiring partners. As commerce evolves, so do the fraudsters and marketplaces are their next target. Acquirers must be vigilant because bad actors are also riding this wave making it increasingly difficult to regulate.

The 30-minute webinar includes:

  • An introduction to marketplaces
  • Marketplace risk
  • Current case study examples


Bruce Baker-Harvey
Director of Research
G2 Web Services

Katina Baarslag
Director of Marketing
G2 Web Services

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