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Upcoming Webinar | 9:00 AM PDT

Pandemic and Payments: A Virtual Paradise for Scammers

Session Description: As COVID-19 engulfs the US, unethical online merchants target consumers who are homebound, anxious—and online. They promote products that claim to treat the coronavirus, services that trick consumers into giving unnecessary money or personal information, and other scams. These merchants are endangering the health and safety of consumers while increasing the risk and liability for payment companies (e.g. increased chargebacks, card network fines, and regulatory warnings).

Learn about the dangers of these virtual culprits, and see how you can help combat and protect consumers from fraud.

Date: 04/7/2020
Duration: 30 minutes
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This session will cover:

  • How the pandemic is affecting consumers and their spending patterns
  • Coronavirus-related frauds and scams
  • Best practices for keeping our global e-commerce community safe

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