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End-to-End Online Reseller Enforcement

Many vendors crawl marketplaces. Only G2 has the automated workflow to enforce at scale.

Identify Resellers

Smart scanning technology crawls online marketplaces, social media platforms, and other
e-commerce sites to quickly identify new resellers, product listings, and price changes that could affect your brand’s online presence.

Expose Violators

Using a proprietary workflow,
G2 contacts resellers for information—including where they obtained your product. This process identifies MAP violations, ASIN complaints, distribution leaks, counterfeit, and intellectual property infringements.

Remove at Scale

If the reseller does not respond or if evidence of a violation is uncovered, the system files a
case-appropriate infringement action with the marketplace for expedited removal. Repeat offenders will automatically be targeted and prioritized for enforcement.

What Does This Mean For You?

G2 Brand Protection guards your brand’s reputation and profit.

Expose MAP Violations

Automating reseller identification to streamline supply-chain management quickly exposes distribution leaks.

Eliminate Counterfeit

Removing resellers who steal your IP and create poor customer reviews protects brand value.

Eliminate Unauthorized Resellers

Eliminating unauthorized resellers protects your supply chain, maintains MAP policies, and increases your ability to win the Amazon Buy Box.

Improve Efficiency / Reduce FTEs

Streamlining reseller analysis and violation reporting eliminates manual reviews.

How Effective is Your Current Solution?

See who is reselling your brand online

Key Features

1. Reseller Identification

Identify and track resellers across platforms to verify inventory source and map reseller networks.

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2. Rapid Enforcement

File and enforce case-appropriate infringement actions for expedited removal.

3. Complete Coverage

Access 150+ marketplaces and social media networks with flexible switching between platforms.

4. MAP Monitoring

Identify MAP policy violations for reseller management and enforcement.

5. Counterfeit Identification

Find counterfeit products using 40 data points, including unusual price-points and shipping regions.

6. Foreign Language Support

Search global platforms and communicate with resellers with language support for each region.

7. Real-time Dashboard

View cross-marketplace intelligence and progress on takedowns in a simple online portal.

8. Monthly Reports

Receive customized infringement reports summarizing new activity and enforcement actions.

9. Dedicated Account Manager

Receive brand-specific support to optimize marketplace searches.

Proven Results

Stopping unauthorized resellers quickly increases revenue

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