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Comprehensive CBD Merchant Risk Assessment

Only G2 helps payment providers manage growth while mitigating risk within the legislatively volatile CBD market.

Know the Risk

CBD laws vary widely across jurisdictions. G2 experts track CBD regulations worldwide, so you understand industry risk and stay up-to-date.

Tailor Your Program

Using a payments-centered risk framework, G2 analyzes your CBD merchants for compliance, allowing you to determine whether CBD applicants meet your risk tolerance.

Catch Violations

Using proprietary technology and expert analysts, G2 first audits, then monitors your CBD portfolio, flagging substantive website and retail point-of-sale changes to quickly identify new violations.

What Does This Mean For You?

G2 CBD Risk Management guards your reputation and profit.

Increase Revenue

Identifying CBD merchants that match your risk tolerance helps expand your portfolio.

Avoid Fines & Assessments

Distinguishing lower-risk CBD merchants from flagrant bad actors reduces enforcement risk.

Avoid Surprises

Onboarding only those CBD merchants that meet your risk tolerance helps stabilize your portfolio.

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Key Features

1. CBD Risk Rating

Analyzes various risk factors, indicating a merchant's compliance level with applicable laws.

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2. Flexible Service

Allows payment providers to tailor service to their risk tolerance and needs.

3. Automated Monitoring

Catches violations faster by detecting changes to the product catalogs and marketing claims.

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