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Online Pharmacies are Growing 80% Faster than Overall E-commerce


Ninety-six percent of online pharmacies operate illegally


Twenty new illegal pharmaceutical websites go live daily


Two-thirds of reported assessments were for the sale of illegal pharmaceuticals and drugs

Unparalleled Pharmaceutical Merchant Monitoring

G2’s unique data assets, technology at scale, and analyst domain expertise provide unique, powerful insights.

High-Risk Merchants Support

Increase revenue and speed into this profitable high-risk market by performing proper due diligence

Card Network Compliance

Comply with industry regulations for pharmaceutical merchant types

Content Violation Detection

Detect content violations to mitigate chargebacks and customer disputes

Professional Guidance & Support

Violations receive a thorough investigation to help support the case for a merchant termination

G2 Key Features

1. Risk Assessment

G2 Compass Score® provides increased operational efficiency and further mitigates your merchant risk


2. Reputation Monitoring

Detailed reports regarding risk information derived from over 100,000 unique sources spanning 240 countries

3. Enhanced Merchant Monitoring

An in-depth and customized pharmaceutical-focused review of your merchants’ product pages

4. Secret Shopper

A trained trace analyst will perform test transactions on your merchant’s page to check for shipping, RX and payment compliance

5. Known Launderer Check

Employ G2’s layered solution designed specifically to keep launderers out of your portfolio

6. Comprehensive Result Reporting

All components will be delivered in a detailed report, allowing you to easily digest and understand the health of your merchant’s profile

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G2 Pharma360 Fact Sheet

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Exploiting the Gray Space of Ecommerce

Members from the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP), National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and G2 Web Services discuss the appropriate steps that need to be taken to ensure a safer payments community. Watch Webinar Recording

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