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G2 Key Features

1. Detailed Reporting

Charts summarizing findings using a bottom-up merchant-by-merchant analysis. Ability to marry processing volume to risk type to assess valuation impacts. Alerts for “red flags” with supporting evidence.

Detailed Reporting

2. WebID

Identifies unreported websites connected to merchants included in the dataset without associated URLs, then checked for risk attributes

3. Reputational Risk

A check against 100,000+ unique media sources; 500+ sanctions lists, watch lists, and complaints sources with links to supporting documents

4. MCC Mismatch

Highlights potential risk from incorrectly assigned MCCs that hide prohibited, restricted, high risk or simply miscoded MCCs and business models

5. G2 Compass Score

Predictive risk analysis, suggesting likelihood of business interruption over the next two years, based on positive and negative indicators from G2’s monitoring of hundreds of millions of URLs since 2004

6. Transaction Laundering

Analysis against tens of thousands of data points connected to known launderers, with a summary of relationships between flagged merchants and violating sites

7. Analyst support

Resources to confirm findings, answer questions, perform ad hoc analysis, and enable the transaction process to keep pace with your timelines

Additional Resources

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Buyers Fact Sheet

Give yourself time—with deliverables soon after G2 receives merchant information; data—with Excel charts, PDF reports, benchmarks, and raw analytics that can be manipulated...

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An ISO acquired two companies, conducting basic due diligence and assuming the risk profiles of the merchant portfolios were typical. However, they weren’t typical, and the...

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Sellers Fact Sheet

Utilizes proprietary merchant-by-merchant evaluation to substantiate the value of your portfolio and help you maximize price.

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