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Steer Clear of Surprises When Buying Merchant Portfolios

Negotiate better terms, avoid violations of card networks or regulator rules, and save time in due diligence.

Merchant History

Proprietary datasets assembled over 14 years from over 300 global banks and payments companies

Web Crawling

Specialized technology, machine learning, and other processes to discover unidentified business websites that may be engaging in
unauthorized ecommerce.

Expert Analysis

Trained analysts and subject matter experts to confirm algorithmically-generated data, remove false positives, and interpret results.

Additional Resources

See what you can gain from these data insights.

Portfolio Acquisition Review Fact Sheet

Give yourself time—with deliverables soon after G2 receives merchant information; data—with Excel charts, PDF reports, benchmarks, and raw analytics that can be manipulated; and resources—expert analysts reviewing data and SMEs walking through the results with you. Download Fact Sheet

Portfolio Acquisition Review Case Study

An ISO acquired two companies, conducting basic due diligence and assuming the risk profiles of the merchant portfolios were typical. However, they weren’t typical, and the company ended up with liabilities that amounted to an overpayment of over $30 million. Download Case Study

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Reduce Assessments and Increase Revenue

Improve merchant risk management and compliance with solutions that deliver more actionable risk insights at scale across your business processes. Learn More