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How You Manage Risk Can Have a Big Impact on Your Business

G2 Global Boarding

Underwrite new merchants faster with G2, the largest provider of merchant risk at boarding.

Offload costly, time-consuming boarding tasks and accelerate the merchant acquisition process. Make better, faster boarding decisions, avoid unnecessary fines/assessments and eliminate bad merchants before they hit your business portfolio.

Grade a merchant’s risk based on information from dozens of industry sources and the G2 Merchant Map® — the most extensive, proprietary merchant risk database in the industry. Merchant risk scoring will predict a merchant’s behavior over the next 12 months.

Global Boarding streamlines the acquisition of critical information into one convenient location that provides a customizable level of due diligence to help you make faster boarding decisions.

G2 Portfolio Acquisition Review™

merchant reviewAvoid overpaying for merchant portfolios, either standalone or within payments companies.

G2 Persistent Merchant Monitoring

Ensure portfolio compliance, increase revenue and mitigate merchant risk  

Monitor your merchant portfolio for sudden or unexpected content violations. Identify unusual merchant activity from low- to high-risk merchants within your portfolio. In addition, oversee specific content or merchant business categories that are important to your own terms of service and contractual agreements. Reduce chargebacks, customer disputes and ensure card network compliance throughout the lifecycle of your merchant. Increase your portfolio’s profitability by confidently monitoring a variety of merchant business types.

Save cost, grow your portfolio and spend more time making strategic and informed risk decisions by utilizing G2’s global reach and superior merchant monitoring technology.

G2 Transaction Laundering Detection

Reduce potential assessments, identify lurking violators and protect your business.

Reveal hidden connections to transaction laundering networks and ensure portfolio compliance. Catch past violators before they strike again and receive early notice of global risks before they appear in your region. Identify, classify and verify violations that have connections to your merchants with help from a human analyst. Get the evidence you need to help support your case for terminating a violating merchant.

Minimize chargebacks, guard your portfolio and protect your brand. Portfolio threats can happen at any time. Ensure your merchants are not involved in any illegal activity.

G2 Pharma360

pharma360Optimize your compliance and profitability with enhanced pharmaceutical merchant monitoring.

G2 Pharma360 provides a custom approach to payment risk mitigation solutions in due diligence, compliance and fraud protection for members of the payments value chain who maintain a pharmaceutical book of business. Working with the complexities of changing regulations, card network rules and the rapidly shifting payments landscape, G2’s global breadth, depth, and experience allows you to identify otherwise unknown risks.

G2 Reputation Monitoring

merchant reputationIdentify negative merchant behavioral trends to avoid current and future risk.

A poor merchant reputation may uncover other serious merchant violations, which can land you with regulatory fines and card network assessments. Quickly detecting negative merchant trends or declining reputations can also help sustain portfolio growth. G2 eliminates the costly, time-consuming data collection process involved with manual merchant reviews, freeing your team to focus on other high-value activities.

G2 Reseller Monitoring

reseller monitoringEliminate unauthorized resellers with automated marketplace monitoring and takedown at scale.

E-commerce can damage your brand—MAP violations, counterfeit sales, and other gray-market forces cut into a brand’s reputation and profit. G2 Reseller Monitoring helps you protect your brand online by:

  • Identifying resellers
  • Exposing distribution leaks
  • Monitoring MAP policies
  • Detecting counterfeit
  • Removing unauthorized listings at scale

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