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Automated Merchant Reputation Monitoring

G2 automated behavioral risk intelligence protects your portfolio while helping you to perform efficient due diligence and risk mitigation.

Avoid Risky Merchants

Keep potentially problematic merchants out of your portfolio by screening them before boarding using 850+ sources—including sanctions, watch lists, and PEPs—then monitoring results for declining reputation.

Scale Your Portfolio

Eliminate time-consuming data collection processes and monitor for additional risk factors without the need for additional personnel.

Protect Your Reputation

Bad merchants can land you in the headlines. Before you go into business with a merchant, investigate their online reputation—consumer complaints, sanctions, watchlists, litigation history, and more.

G2 Reputation Monitoring

reputation monitoring

What Does This Mean for You?

G2 Reputation Monitoring helps you grow a clean portfolio

Detect Declining Reputation

Analyzing data over time lets you identify negative trends, then terminate merchants with bad business practices before they harm your organization.

Compete at Boarding

Typically, acquirers take days to onboard new merchants while emerging fintechs take only minutes. Automating internal processes allows you to compete at boarding without sacrificing smart due diligence practices.

Focus on High-Risk Merchants

High-volume portfolio management is difficult. Receive curated data with recommended actions so you can focus only on those merchants that throw a flag outside of your risk threshold.

Optimize Your Resources

Data collection can comprise up to 90% of the KYC due-diligence process. Reduce manual investigations by focusing primarily on merchants that require further review.

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G2 Key Features

1. Automated Data Collection

API-driven platform reduces time-consuming manual processes

2. Alert Notifications

Receive reports when merchants and their principals who are under monitoring trigger a risk event

3. Flexible Reporting

Create merchant subsets, then customize reporting frequencies by group

4. Support Documents

Receive source documentation associated with each litigation and risk event

5. Dedicated Analysts

Avoid false positives, and receive G2-recommended actions determined by expert analysts

6. Language Support

Receive negative news reports and source data in most major languages

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