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Transaction Laundering: Real Life Launderers

Transaction Laundering Circa 2019

Acquiring banks are no longer in control of the constant flow of transactions moving in and out of the payments system. The evolution of ecommerce and the acceptance of alternative payments have paved the way for transaction laundering and payment laundering on an unexpected scale. Allowing criminals to engage in illicit commerce while using legal means to get paid. Online businesses are now created with ease — making boarding for acquirers challenging. These violating front merchants are extremely difficult to detect and can seem legitimate on the surface.

G2 has crawled deep into the dark corners of the web exposing numerous front merchants that have engaged in illegal activity. As you will see from these case studies, each site operates like a seemingly normal online business. However, subtle details have unveiled more than the unsuspecting acquirer could have ever imagined. Read on for transaction laundering case studies that are both entertaining and educational.

Download the case study to read about:

  • Real transaction laundering case studies
  • Interesting methods that criminals utilize to buy and sell illicit goods or services
  • Red flags that might warrant further investigation on all parties involved

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