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Webinar series — “Payments at a Social Distance”

Payments at a Social Distance is a webinar series—developed in partnership with leading payments industry experts—to explore the new reality we all face in the quickly developing coronavirus crisis. Sessions will address a variety of topics tailored to the payments industry, including consumer and merchant impacts, rising risk threats and challenges, and best practices for maintaining business continuity.

Improving Malware Resilience: Attacks are Certain, Impact is Not

E-commerce sites are lucrative targets for hackers—personal and credit card data collected during checkout carries a high value on the black market. Data breaches can result in massive fines and negative headlines. When merchants can’t handle the penalties, payment providers are held liable. Financial institutions need to take an active role in protecting their merchant portfolios.

This presentation covers: 

  • Common types of card-skimming malware
  • How to detect merchant website vulnerabilities
  • What to do after a breach occurs
  • Best practices for preventing Magecart attacks
  • How British Airways could have avoided a £183 million fine

CBD: Capturing Growth While Managing Risk

Despite CBD’s evolving and uncertain worldwide legal status, the CBD industry is growing exponentially. The U.S. CBD market is projected to hit $16 billion by 2025 and the global cannabis market (including CBD) may hit $272 billion by 2028. To capture market opportunities while avoiding regulatory scrutiny and card brand pushback, the payments industry must stay up-to-date on CBD’s legal status and understand industry risk. In this webinar, VF | G2 provides regulatory updates for the world’s largest markets and highlight four major areas of risk. Watch our 60-minute session below to learn more.

This presentation covers:

  • How to navigate CBD jurisdictional chaos
  • How to make marketing claims that won’t land you in FDA/FTC hot water
  • The four CBD merchant risk areas—Entity, Product, Marketing, Jurisdiction
  • A new trend: CBD products marketed as OTC drugs
  • UL’s CBD product validation process

Pharma & Drugs in 2018: An Update from G2 and the NABP

Year over year, the biggest risks for the payments industry continue to be centered around pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and illegal drugs.

Watch as G2 and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) cover the following:

  • Updates on pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and drugs that are trending online
  • Case studies featuring hot pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs
  • An overview of NABP and an introduction to the NABP pharmacy merchant verification services
  • Updates to the Visa GBPP requiring pharmacy merchant verification for CNP transaction

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