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Stay Ahead of New Merchant and Payments Risks

How quickly and effectively you manage risk has a big impact on your business. With G2 you can actively manage the entire merchant lifecycle, including:

Global Merchant Boarding

Board new merchants, evaluate your entire portfolio and identify negative risk.

Content Monitoring

Identify and avoid hidden risk by persistently monitoring your merchants’ content for violations.

CBD Risk Management

Grow your CBD merchant portfolio within your risk tolerance.

Laundering Detection

Quickly detect violating merchants that are lurking in your portfolio.

Brand Protection

Eliminate unauthorized resellers with automated marketplace monitoring and takedown at scale.

Portfolio Acquisition Review

Avoid overpaying for merchant portfolios, either standalone or within payments companies.

Data is Your Safeguard

G2 can help.

Better Risk Management Relies on Actionable Insights

Not all data is created equal. Sometimes, more is just more. A combination of data science, machine learning and human expertise will give you the right insights to make the right decisions. Clear volumes of false positives and other noise out of your review processes.

Merchant Risk Insights and Compliance at Enterprise Scale

Our ability to provide actionable merchant risk insights for our clients hinges on the expertise of our analysts and data science professionals. Machine learning allows businesses to automate, standardize processes and optimize workflows.

Merchant Risk Insights You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Our rich merchant risk history, insight into merchant behaviors, historical fraud database and access to over 90% of credit card transactions in our developed markets enables us to reveal hidden risks and opportunities that no one else can provide.

This Thursday, September 24, G2 will discuss what you need to know about the updated merchant underwriting guidelines.

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On September 24, legal and industry experts join ETA to discuss the critical role technology plays in a world of regulations, competition, and more.

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ETA has approved this webinar for 1 ETA CPP Continuing Education credit.

See how the payments industry is adapting to a pandemic-driven shift to digital commerce. Register for our upcoming webinar hosted by the Merchant Acquirers Committee here:

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