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Health and Medical Insurance Certifications

Step 1: State/Locale Licensing for Healthcare Insurance

Certify that your company is allowed to sell health insurance, either nationally or in specific states. You will be required to upload each state license for G2 verification and ongoing monitoring of license expiration dates.

Step 2: Validate Affordable Care Act (ACA) Plans

(Optional) Identify whether or not your company registered with the U.S. government to promote and sell Affordable Care Act qualified
health plans.

About G2 Health Insurance Provider Certification


To become certified, health insurance advertisers must: 

  • Identify themselves to G2 as a health insurance provider
  • Certify to G2 that they are permitted under state and/or local laws to lawfully promote and sell health insurance
  • Identify whether or not they are registered with the U.S. government to promote and sell Affordable Care Act qualified health plans



1. Who can apply for this certification?

Insurance providers licensed to sell health insurance will need to apply for this program.

2. Is the verification process different for 3rd party brokers?

If the 3rd party broker is licensed by the state/locale to sell health insurance, the process to submit an application for certification will be the same as a provider.

3. How much will the one-time application fee and ongoing monitoring cost?

There will be a one-time application fee to perform an initial verification (based on # of states/locales where you are licensed). Once you are verified, you will need to sign up for ongoing monitoring (annual subscription) where G2 will ensure your licenses remain valid throughout the year. Click ‘Get Certified’ above to review pricing information.

4. What information and documentation will I need to apply?

You will need the following:

  • General business information (e.g. Name, DBA, Website, Contact Info, NAIC/NPN Codes)
  •  Insurance license information for each state/locale where you do business (e.g. Scanned License, License Type, License #, Expiration)
  • Proof of ACA qualification, if applicable

Click here for a preview of the application. (Please note that this is a preview, the actual application form to complete will be sent securely after purchase.)

5. What is the expected G2 approval turnaround time, from application submission, to green-light?

If the application submission is complete (all info and documents submitted properly) the turnaround time is typically 14 days or less.

6. Is it possible to expedite my request for certification?

No, it is not possible to expedite your request for certification at this time.

7. My application was not approved. Is there a way for me to escalate this issue?

If your application was not approved, there will be an explanation as well as remediation steps (if applicable) provided. You can contact for additional support.

8. Do I need to submit separate applications for both parent/child companies?

Each child company will need to submit applications for certification individually.

9. Can I submit partial documentation for the verification process while I finish gathering the required information so the process is kickstarted?

No, you will need all information and documents submitted at the time of completing the application form.

10. Is there a separate application for the ACA certification?

The application for state/locale eligibility and ACA qualification will be included in the same application form.


Why G2

Verisk Financial G2 has promoted safer, more profitable commerce globally since 2004. We help digital commerce clients distinguish high quality merchants and advertisers from bad actors.

The G2 Health Insurance Provider Certification service extends our experience and expertise in vetting and monitoring players in the healthcare industry.  The G2 certification service opens the door to online health insurance advertising and builds trust with your customers.   

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