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Real Life Launderers

G2 has crawled deep into the dark corners of the web exposing numerous front merchants that have engaged in illegal activity. As you will see from these case studies, each site...

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Human Investigation and Automation

Consider today’s payment industry the “Wild West”, harnessing the good, the bad and the ugly. The clash between regulators and criminals is a...

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Transaction Laundering Incorporated

To fight transaction laundering, we must familiarize ourselves with how these advanced crime networks operate. Profitable launderers operate like a legitimate business and can...

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Drug Watch List

This watch list is a great tool to incorporate into underwriting and boarding processes, as well as when conducting investigations on merchants. Print them out and share them with...

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G2 is a Verisk Analytics Business

G2 Web Services has combined forces with Argus, a Verisk Analytics business. By joining with Argus, G2 can take its proprietary data assets and powerful technology to the next...

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2018; A Year In Review

Take a moment to reflect on 2018 by watching this special video, which highlights the biggest stories from around the payments community.

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An Online Steroid Ring

Criminal organizations are businesses too — and just like all businesses, they need to manage risk in order to succeed. The practice of producing multiple websites, obtaining...

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Online Marketplaces: A New Risk for Acquirers

Advanced methods of online shopping continue to appear. Consumers, eager to find specific products or an amazing deal, are now migrating toward sites that provide a quick and...

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